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From the Coen Brothers' movie "A Serious Man.' This blog isn't physics, but I've tried to cover a wide range of topics.

From the Coen Brothers’ movie “A Serious Man.’ This blog isn’t about physics, but I’ve tried to cover a wide range of topics.


There are now over 300 posts on this site. Some I’m proud of; others are forgettable. Below are some of the essays that mean something to me, either for personal reasons or because they seem to have struck a chord with others.

  • Developmental Plasticity and the Hard-Wired Problem (Jun 2014) Link
  • Reconciliation, Biology & The Second Indochina War (Mar 2011) Link
  • The Biology of Forced Displacement (Aug 2014) Link
  • Life Is Beautiful (May 2010) Link
  • Genocidal Altruists: Are We ‘Naturally’ Violent? Altruistic? Both?
     (Feb 2015) Link
  • On Multiraciality: Perceptions of Homogeneity and Difference (June 2017) Link
  • The Humans are (Blank)-ogamous series (multi-part, July 2011) Link
  • Pursuing the God of Truth in a Post-Truth Era (Jan 2017) Link
  • Lessons from The Christmas Truce of 1914 (Dec 2010) Link
  • Cosmically Connected Primates (Mar 2012) Link
  • Thresholds of Inclusion (July 2016) Link
  • Thoughts on PTS and “Moral Injuries”  (June 2015) Link