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I just found out that this site made a list of frequently read science-y blogs. It’s one of the smaller dots on the radar, but it’s flattering just to be mentioned.

Apparently, Paige Brown Jarreau conducted a survey of 600 science bloggers, asking them to name three science blogs, other than their own, that they read on a regular basis. So, thanks to those people who mentioned this site. 

The other interesting feature was that Jarreau mapped the blogs into nodes, where sites that were commonly mentioned by the same reader were tied together. It looks like this site has connections to a couple of other excellent bioanthro blogs: Katie Hinde’s Mammals Suck…Milk! and Kate Clancy’s Context and Variation, as well as Ed Yong’s Not Exactly Rocket Science (Ed Yong is connected to more people than Kevin Bacon). 

On a related note, this blog is approaching its fifth anniversary, and I’ve been thinking of making some changes. However, I’m torn. I originally named it for personal reasons, in memory of my brother Kevin. But I think that can be confusing to people, since it has no direct correlation with anthropology or other things I write about here. So I’m not sure which way to go. Any advice?

A family of science blogs. The yellow arrow points to this site. (Source)

A family of science blogs. The yellow arrow points to this tiny site. (Source)

7 thoughts on “This Blog

  1. Don’t change the web address, which I actually did muse about, but put a note on it in your “About Me” section. I think it adds a nice touch.
    Congrats too, for being a small dot.

  2. Everything starts as a small dot, Patrick. I like small dots. If you do change the title, that’s your thing. Yes it is anthropology, but it’s also psychology and a holistic view that goes beyond ology. I would say it is ‘Being Human’.

    • Quite true, Robert. When my kids ask about the birds and the bees, I tell them that they started life as a small dot. We all did. They find that very amusing. In fact, that would be a great name for a blog… “We Were All Small Dots Once.”

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