Anthro Meeting in San Jose

I just got notice from the American Anthropological Association about my session for the annual meeting, to be held this November at the San Jose Convention Center.

Mark Toussaint organized the session (“Knowledge Production and Framing in Biological Anthropology: Perspectives and Case Studies”) and invited me to talk about research on war-affected populations. We’re scheduled for Friday, Nov 16, 2018 from 10:15 AM – noon.

This will be my second time in San Jose, the last time in 2006. My approach to meetings has changed since then. I used to have high expectations for the potential connections I’d make at conferences. Really, as an introvert I’m just not particularly good at that sort of thing. They do happen every so often, but I’ve learned to take things in stride. If I meet new people, or see old friends and acquaintances, then great. There are a few people I’d definitely like to see, but if not, then that’s fine too. Maybe I’m older, hopefully wiser, definitely grayer, and in a different place and frame of mind since then.  I’m still trying to keep that earlier enthusiasm, to not let the light go out, but it’s a different kind of light.  

I’ve also asked my teenage son if he wanted to go with me. He’s never been to the west coast, and is excited about it. I’m headed that way anyway,  so …. something, something, two birds, one stone. I’ll take him to the meeting a bit, but we’ll definitely spend some time away from the conference, see some sights, maybe some redwoods or San Francisco. So we’ll make this a work + fun trip to maybe help with that slippery thing they call work/ life balance, and maybe make these things a learning experience for my kids. Life is short.

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