Strained Bonds of Affection


I took this (blurry) photo inside the Lincoln Memorial, on a recent trip to Washington, D.C. The quote comes from Lincoln’s first inaugural address, and it struck me as particularly relevant today since it seems that bonds are strained in so many places. Hopefully, we can remember that those bonds are essential, even if they don’t always come easily.  After all, we are cosmically connected primates


2 thoughts on “Strained Bonds of Affection

  1. No question we are all cosmically connected ~ can’t think of a less substantive connection than that!

    As for fellow primates. In the company of arguably the most gentle and affectionate people in the world (Malayan Aborigines), I have in youth happily hunted monkeys in the forest, killed them, cooked them and eaten them.

    There are bonds and bonds.

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