I had a burst of inspiration today, and feel pretty good about it. Let’s see if I can convert this into something more tangible. 🙂















2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Patrick. You are the first person I know who has a burst of inspiration and wonders what to do about it. Most of those (few?) people who have bursts of inspiration have them about something. Perhaps the videos would have clarified — I like Beethoven, hate American football — but I couldn’t open them. Next time you have an anonymous burst of inspiration, why not take the dog for a walk down to the pub, have a quiet pint, and think ‘what’s it all about?’ and maybe ‘Why are some people prone to bursts of inspiration while others seem to lead a quiet life and never experience a single one.’

  2. Hi Robert. I just had an idea while talking with my wife on our morning walk yesterday, felt good about it, and expressed it here in a couple of visceral ways – the feeling of victory through a rough sport like football and through highbrow classical music. Beethoven really captured that feeling well with an Ode to Joy. Admittedly, American football is an acquired taste, probably like cricket, which is baffling to me. I guess that’s the power of culture and what we find appealing.

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