Over-thinking Love

Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day….


Love Models

One thought on “Over-thinking Love

  1. Sure, we can over-think love. My wife tells me I over-think everything, so that must include love. For one thing, I can’t think about abstract-love (ie the subject rather than the personal emotion) without thinking about abstract-hate, and the fact that the two go so easily together. This may be the kind of love that combatants feel towards each other when faced with a common subject of hate (remember the video of IS combatants playing together in the river, pretty much like the earlier Hitler Youth stuff). It may be the kind of love for an abstraction like God that makes a person don a suicide vest and kill the hated, the ultimate coterminous expression of love and hate at the moment of death. More often it is the marital love that creates children before, slowly or instantly, turning into hate for the partner.

    Love is one end of the love-hate continuum. It’s perhaps best not to think about that when gazing into receptive eyes and saying ‘I love you’.

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